Our Strategy

We help our clients create the future by studying their past and operating environment.


Using New Technologies and Social Media to Collect Qualitative Data

Social and technological changes in the past decade pose both challenges and opportunities for researchers in collecting qualitative data. At FWCO we have embraced new technologies to take advantage of various systems to gather and analyse data. For example, we are the only firm providing consulting and evaluation services that have a dedicated position for social media/communication coordinator. Our capabilities in survey methodology and digital design, and use of interactive data collection platforms and applications, ensures that we meet the requirements of our clients and are able to conduct large scale surveys, including surveys with hard-to-reach groups, in a stipulated time frame and within budget.

Engage and Collaborate

Our core principles include knowledge transfer through ongoing communication with our clients. We learn from our clients about their business, their goals and policies and challenges they face. We are fully committed to sharing and including our clients in all aspects of the research, to the extent they whish to be engaged. For some clients, this involves close collaboration in developing methodology report and research planning, for others it is adopting a hybrid approach to research were the clients’ staff conduct part of the research and/or work alongside consultants on all aspects of research including final analysis and report writing. With respect to engaging other stakeholders and partners we have developed effective strategies and communication protocols which ensure they understand the purpose of the research, their contribution is important and contributed to change.

Protecting Privacy and Confidentiality is our Highest Priority

Any personal information that we collect is subject to Personal information and Electronic Documents Act and other applicable privacy laws. Our facilities and technology have the latest and most rigorous security measures. Our policies are aligned with all privacy and confidentiality applicable laws and measured, our staff and contractors have security clearance required by government to handle personal information. Prior to collecting any information, we inform all participants of the objectives of collecting the information, how the information will be used, applicable laws and policies governing the privacy of information and destruction of all information collected. We do not include any information or data collected that could identify individuals in any reporting or communications.

Creating viable solutions – Execution Matters

We take pride in finding innovative solutions for our clients. However, we know that no matter how good and innovative the ideas are, if they are not viable and implementable, they will fail. We recognize that good ideas can come from any source and so we involve as many individuals as possible internationally, businesses, governments, research organizations, customers, partners and other. We believe that the wider the net, the less likely are we to miss out on any ideas in helping our clients improve their business and programing, engage their customers or users and drive client satisfaction.

creaTe effEctive innovAtive ComMunicative TEAMS

Our competitive advantage is that we have a large pool of highly experienced professionals with wide range of knowledge and expertise. Our alignment with Goss Gilroy Inc. (GGI), a leading public sector consultancy in Canada allows us to build the most experienced teams and subject matter experts. Combined, the two organizations currently employ more than 25 professional staff in offices in Vancouver, Ottawa and St. Johns. Most of our professional staff are Credential Evaluators, members of Canadian Management Associations and other professional associations, are fluent in numerous languages, and engaged in their communities and networks.

Clearly Defined Issues

In our practice, we place a very high priority on having a clear and shared understanding of the business structures, operations and issues involved. Einstein once said that “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” While we don’t advocate spending the majority of a project resources on the work plan, we do recognize that unless we have, in association with the client, very clearly defined the issues that we are going to address and the steps we will take to do that, our chances of coming up with innovative and effective solutions or answers are greatly diminished. Our standard approach include developing a detailed work plan for the project, which includes a data analysis plan and a research matrix which will drive the design of both the data collection instruments and methodologies.

Providing Different Perspectives

Our apporach to all our assignements are rooted in integrity, inclusivity, collaboration, implementation of mixed research methods and reliability of our methods and evidence-based solutions. We have experience in applying various theoretical frameworks which provide a particular lens through which we may examine a topic. Some example of such framework include theory of change, gender studies, econometrics, anthropology, community participatory research, applied research, etc.


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